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Coros™ Bone Conduction Audio: The Heart of the Ultimate Audio Platform

The Coros Bone Conduction Technology turns audio into vibrations that go straight to your inner ear from the tabs of your helmet strap. Eliminating ear buds and wires so eyes, ears and hands are free. It’s a revolutionary way to tune in to your ride without tuning out the road. It’s the engine of the Coros LINX Smart Helmet.

How Bone Conduction Works

Sound waves are converted into vibrations delivered through your upper cheekbones. The Cochlea receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and ear drum. For cyclists this is super important because that means you can hear audio AND hear your surroundings as you ride, such as cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles.

The Ultimate Riding Experience

We want the entire Coros LINX Smart Helmet system to help you rediscover the true joy of cycling. You’re effortlessly connected to the content you love, the people who may need you and the data and music that drives you. No compromising performance or safety.

Get the app. Explore.

With the Coros Smartphone App, available for Apple iOS or Android, you’ll be able to save rides and routes. Share your favorites. Even better, you won’t have to stop to check directions.

App under armour App strava

The Coros Smartphone App works with your phone’s GPS and will integrate with popular cycling apps in the future.